A Tribute To My Aunt Lydia (June 22, 1938 – April 4, 2010)

I have been asked many times to write and deliver the eulogies of my family members over the years.  This one is in Loving Memory of my dear Aunt Lydia Heath… Until we meet again!

A couple of years ago, My Aunt Lydia called me and asked me to write and speak on her behalf at her funeral.  I told her I would do so only under the condition that she promise me that she wasn’t going to leave us anytime soon.  She giggled and said, “Just promise me you’ll do it”.  Today I honor that promise.


On June 22nd1938, one of the sweetest ladies to walk this earth was born.  She lived a full life of laughter, love and joy.  Though I saw her go through many tough times and trials, she never faltered to remain her happy, lively, joyous self.  She was kind to all those that she met and she dearly LOVED children.  Being a Teacher was very important to her and anything she could do to help a child’s life be better – she did it.  My Aunt Lydia was the best of the best.  I saw others treat her unkindly only to see her respond in love, every time.  To my knowledge, there was not a person who met her who did not immediately like her.

Aunt Lydia at the Farm 2006


To give you just a small insight into her character, I’d like to share with you a couple of stories.


When my mother was dying and it seemed like my whole world was crashing in – My Aunt Lydia showed up, in Her true fashion, to help me as much as she could.  Unfortunately, she quietly parked behind my suburban.  When I received a call and had to rush out to take care of the matter, I quickly backed out of the driveway without looking behind me and plowed into the side of Aunt Lydia’s pretty new car.  I went in to tell her about it – that I was sorry and would give her my insurance information when I returned.  She very calmly, kindly, and lovingly said, “OK”.  After several hours I returned and went in to hand her my information – she turned to me and said, “It’s ok, I don’t need it, you have enough to deal with – it’s just a car.  I’ll have John pull the dent out”.   Then she gave me a much needed hug – she always understood…  Rarely do we find such kindness and love and genuine forgiveness in others, especially when we need it most.  The dent is still in the car, she never had it fixed.


Lydia Heath 1999

When I was a little girl I used to look at her in awe.  She was the most beautiful lady I’d ever seen, and she ALWAYS seemed to be smiling and laughing.  I have so many memories of her infectious giggle and her head back in full laughter.  She loved to play games, tease kindly, laugh and seemed to have a great time whatever she was doing.  She was ALWAYS a lady, and her faith in God never faltered no matter what her circumstances were.  I had a wonderful mother, but my Aunt Lydia was a very close ‘second’ and she was truly one of my best friends.  I spent many summers at her home with her – she was always so much fun to be around.  She made everyone feel so welcome in her life.


She was there for me when I needed her most, and there was no one else around to help.  It didn’t matter how tired she was or how badly she felt – she stood up and stood beside me strong and faithful.  I have heard the same from just about everyone who knew her – we always knew we could count on her.  And she wouldn’t just help you – but she’d genuinely LOVE you, hug you, and laugh with you all the way trough it.  I never once heard her judge anyone, she accepted people for who they were – and she loved them – plain and simple.  It wasn’t spoken – it was something you just FELT immediately with her.  Whatever you needed that she was capable of – she’d do it – no questions asked – then she’d leave with a kind hug and a smile.  One of her absolute favorite things to do was DANCE.  If there was any type of  music playing – she’d be a jiggling, n boogying around the house, singing and giggling.  Most of us know that she loved Elvis Presley and all of his music, but not all of us got to see how much she really ENJOYED it.  🙂

Aunt Lydia, John & Uncle Jack 1960's


I am thankful to have known one of God’s greatest gifts and to have had her presence of love in my life and in my children’s lives.  Her example of true and genuine love cannot be matched by anyone.  I have yet to see a finer example.  She was rare and beautiful.  She was a devoted wife and mother, and loved all her family and extended family dearly.  Her two son’s; John & David were her absolute pride and joy.  She cherished every moment with them always.  She rarely forgot a Birthday, Anniversary, or any other important date and she usually made sure that she had a card for the person(s) and occasion.


I will miss her terribly, especially her laughter – but I do know I’ll see her again one day.  My second story is about the end of her journey here with us.  One week prior to her leaving us, she requested that many of her friends and family to come see her.  She knew fully where she was headed and I believe she wanted to say ‘good-bye’ to many of us and let us know that she would be ok.  While speaking with her, she suddenly asked me “where is Austin & Brandon – I want to see them now”.  (Aunt Lydia has been a very large part of my son’s lives since they were born.  She spent many Easter’s with them coloring eggs, and going to Easter Egg Hunts and it seemed that she could not get enough of them whenever she was with them).   I stood outside the door as she spoke with them and I’ll share with you a part of what she told them.  Ignoring her own illness and how she felt, for a short time span she suddenly ‘transformed’ into her usual perky self.  She smiled at them, and asked them how they were doing and what they’d been up to – as if she wasn’t even ill.  They jabbered and chatted with her like usual, and then she told them in her usual perky voice, “Don’t be sad.  I’m going to go be with Grama and Pappa soon and we are gonna be dancing up in Heaven and having a really good time.  So don’t worry about me – I’ll be fine”.  They agreed with her, and laughed, and chatted a bit more before giving their parting hugs.  Her Faith NEVER faltered.

Aunt Lydia at the Farm 2006 - we were working on the quads & she decided to BE the Statue of Liberty!


I believe with all my heart that her words are true.  On April 4th, 2010 (Easter Sunday) as she parted with us in this life, I believe that she entered the Gates of Heaven into her eternal life with Jesus Christ.  We know how much she loved Angels, and I believe there were many present to accompany her.  In a new body, free of pain and disease, she danced her way through, jiggling and singing to Elvis, she then ran and jumped into the arms of her Savior.  At that moment, I am certain that He whispered,


“Welcome Home, Well Done My Good And Faithful Servant”.


Robin R. Robbins

This is the video I made to honor her memory:

Publications Created for Funeral - Safely Home


Publications Created for Funeral - The Loan

To Your Health – 80/20 Rule & ‘Living’ Raw Foods

80/20 RAW Spinach & Mixed Greens Salad

Many people ask me almost every day – either at my local health food store(s), via email, or in person at the grocery store or at church – how… and each ‘how’ question is different – so I have put together this information to try to give you all a ‘hard-copy’.  Anyone not interested may disregard it with my blessing.

Basic Italian RAW Salad

Long story/short: I became a vegetarian after being so sick (found out it was chemical [msg/chemical etc.] poisoning later) for a couple of years in my late twenties, and still doctors could not find a thing wrong with me.  After doing a lot of research on my own – at age 30 — I went cold turkey Vegan… no dairy.  I was always fit back then, but still lost 10 pounds and felt  terrific.  Of course I also ate predominantly ORGANIC and natural foods – and I continued on for years… then I had my first child Austin and surgery #1 — that did me in good!!!  I Stayed vegetarian through my pregnancy with him, but added dairy back into my diet.  Of course, I thought the weight would just fall right off — IT DIDN’T!!!  I worked out regularly and still was SICK FOR A WHOLE YEAR – my gal bladder was failing and doctors wanted to remove it — I REFUSED — and went back to my books – I used the method in a book that has been in our family for years called “Back to Eden” by Jethro Kloss.  I healed my Gal bladder in ONE WEEK — after being sick for a whole year… then got back into shape eating my vegan diet and dropping dairy products again…

Bell Medley RAW Salad

I was still ‘in process’ (had 5 pounds to go!) and was feeling terrific… then I got pregnant with twins. I added dairy and fish back into my diet for the duration of the pregnancy.  After having twins and surgery #2 — I dropped dairy but kept fish in my diet.  I immediately did the same gal bladder cure, so that I wouldn’t go through another year of being ill again.  My skin went crazy, I never had such a skin problem in my whole life — not a zit one in younger years!!!

Well once again, my body was trying to tell me something… I listened — I learned that what I did in my 30’s wasn’t working so great in my 40’s (ah – that aging process we all so adore!).  Now I wasn’t about to add meat back into my diet — I hate the stuff anyway… so I did more research and prayed more… the Lord led me to the RAW FOOD DIET — exactly as HE created it… another long story short — I now eat 80 percent raw foods and only 20 percent cooked or processed foods — and wow — do I love it — it tastes absolutely out of this world. One important note here: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A VEGETARIANto be healthy – if you eat 80 percent raw foods, and your meat content of your diet is only 20 percent – you should be quite healthy!

Corn Salad RAW Salad

I have been blessed with/led to numerous raw food ‘cookbooks’ (no cooking involved -ha). Most of them are usually purchased at www.amazon.com or www.bn.com .  Many of them may also be checked out at your local library!  Here is a short listing for you:

  1.  “RAW The Uncook Book” by Juliano  (my absolute FAVORITE – the man knows his food — everything in there is absolutely awesome — and he tells how to do it all in the front of the book such as how to sprout your grains etc.)
  2. “The Raw Gourmet” by Nomi Shannon (I make various modified versions of her ‘energy bars’ [page 184] using sprouted grains and eat two a day — they have helped me a ton in loosing weight [though that is not what she claims they are for] and feeling great).
  3. “Recipes for Life from God’s Garden” by Rhonda J. Malkmus. (Her husband wrote a book called “Why Christians Get Sick” – based on Biblical principle and how our bodies are created to use raw foods… you can see their web site at www.hacres.com I suggest you go to the site to learn a lot for FREE!!! The book teaches how to live a healthier life the way the Lord intended us to… and explains a lot).
  4. “Recipes for Longer Life” By Ann Wigmore  (any book you can find by Ann Wigmore is great — she started the raw food health institute where many severely ill people go (some on their death bed — having had severe cancers/chemo/radiation etc.!!!) to be naturally HEALED and live to tell about it – PAIN FREE!!! You can learn about it all at http://www.annwigmore.org/ or below is a listing of more of the natural healing health institutes web sites — all have MANY LIVING ex-patients — healed of alsheimers (YES IT IS REPORTED AS [not by the medical association of course] REVERSABLE & CURABLE!!!) and many other things…
  5. “The Raw Truth – The Art of Preparing Living Foods” by Jeremy A. Safron
  6. “The Garden of Eden Raw Fruit & Vegetable Recipes” by Phyllis Avery

    Garden Cucumber Tomato RAW Salad

Below is a listing of health and healing institutes:

  1.  Ann Wigmore Institute (mentioned above): http://www.annwigmore.org/
  2. Creative Health Institute: http://www.creativehealthusa.com/
  3. Hippocrates Health Institute: (Hippocrates was the FIRST “medical doctor” – and he stated, “all medicine is food, and all food is medicine” – today’s doctors are required to take the ‘Hippocrates Oath’ when they graduate medical school and actually become a ‘doctor’ – the oath states “I promise to cause no harm”…yet the American Medical Association CLEARLY VIOLATES THIS OATH in many ways – Hippocrates helped heal many people of many ailments and wrote many published articles): http://www.hippocratesinst.com/
  4. Optimum Health Institute (located in San Diego CA & Austin TX: http://www.optimumhealth.org/
  5. Hallelujah Acres Health Institute (mentioned above – located in Utah): http://www.hacres.com/home.asp

Each site is informative (for free) and some of them sell various products (some I have tried, but prefer to use raw foods instead), have email newsletters and various links to other information. You don’t have to go to the institutes to learn and heal your body as God intended the body to heal – however, all information is available in the many books, and/or there is a lot of it on each web site for FREE.

God said clearly, “my people suffer for lack of knowledge” – may I suggest that you gain the knowledge so that you never suffer from illness or the “cures” provided by the American Medical Association.  This in itself is another whole subject: you may learn some about it at a web site by Dr. Lorraine Day M.D. – she was an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and best selling author was for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital (and is today recognized world-wide as an AIDS expert). Until she got breast cancer.   She knew full well the ramifications of chemotherapy and radiation, and therefore REFUSED conventional medical treatment (though she did have part of her tumor cut out eventually).  She is now HEALED of BREAST CANCER – using the methods from the various health institutes – and she tried MANY other ‘natural ways’ of healing BEFORE using raw foods – she sells many video tapes and her web site is very informative – she tells the truth as she sees it, about the American Medical Association and gives additional information as to where you can learn about it for yourself, (In my opinion – it is a multi-billion dollar industry – aimed at making $$$ – put simply – “follow the money”!).  Her web site is www.drday.com

I’m also living proof that it all works, and I would personally choose to go to any of the institutes (should I ever need to – but I suspect I will not 🙂 rather than suffer at the hands of our current sciences.  Of course our bodies are also created to MOVE — so I added exercise back into my life after both surgeries… however exercise alone did not help me a lot — because of my surgeries and the many drugs that were “pumped into me” — I had to give my body the things it needed to heal as it was created to do.

** NOTE: *** I am NOT a certified Health Expert, and cannot legally make any claims. Everything written here is strictly my opinion based on my own personal experiences. I have done a lot of research as well as ‘assisted’ (I believe that God of course is the ultimate healer!) in the healing of my own body.

Over the years the Lord has led many people to me who all ask various questions – some regarding weight, some regarding general health, some regarding foods, and some just wanna know “where does all my energy come from”… We each make our own choices and will suffer or reap the consequences of our choices, especially when it’s whom we trust with our own health/bodies — I have made my choices, you decide yours. I have simply been given a message to deliver :-).

May God Bless you Always,

Robin Renee’ Robbins


Give Love And Live

  There is love in the heart of every human being

A need in every soul for the closeness shared by two

For the warmth of a smile and tender touch

And for the words, “I love you”, so very much

Yet there are so many of us who fail to see through

To the deep true feelings of someone who is blue

We will put up our fronts and our guards to our hearts

To hide our pains and feelings from our serious counterparts

Why can’t we all see that there is love to be shared

Why didn’t we show them how much we really cared

Who cares about the past

The hurt and the pain

Let us stand up

Love, laugh and truly live again

We are all here for a purpose and we are not here alone

Let us love all we can before we are gone

I will forgive all the people as long as I live

For I am going to love, laugh and I am going to give!

Robin R. Robbins


Life’s Meaning

Sunset - Potholes Reservoir 1980

Life has a special meaning for each and every person

For me, life is not just fulfilling ones own dreams

But helping others to fulfill theirs

As well

To see smiles and love

And knowing I am a part of someone’s happiness

Is what makes my life worth living

Robin R. Robbins


 Written for Miss Burien Pageant 1980.  My Backup speech.

I Feel

 Living means many things to many people

I feel to live, means to accept the things one cannot change

As well as change the things one can

To set a goal and reach for it

To be true to others

As well as thyself

Sharing smiles and friendship

I feel to live is to love!

Robin R. Robbins


My speech written for Miss Burien Pageant 1980

The Wish



Living is a joy within itself

To truly live you must love

Given the time of life

You are to find love


I give you my love so that you may live in happiness

                        I give you my smiles so that you may smile for others

                        I give you my hand so that you may reach out in kindness

                        I give you faith so that you may believe

                        I give you my time to that you may have time for others

                        But most of all

                        I give you my wish so that you may wish as well….

                        That all the other beings of life may find



                        A hand to hold

                        Faith and


                        So they too can wish

                        And truly love




(Taken from the book: “A Little Bit of Me” by Robin R. Robbins – published 1991 privately)

Good-bye Little Sharon – In Loving Memory of Sharon L. Wood


Looking back

I remember

The way you fell in love so easily

As you tried so hard to fit in

The sweet innocent smiles you gave to anyone who passed your way


I remember sitting in your basement

For hours listening to “One Tin Soldier” over and over again

As you spoke of your latest heart throb


Nothing was as precious as your happy outlook

Each time your world began to fall apart

I remember many tears from the pretty girl with the beautiful long golden hair

As you begged me and my family to adopt you


I remember the hours you would spend talking about your boyfriend

And the tears, as you spoke of your mother’s death and how much you missed her

I remember going roller skating every Friday and Saturday night

So much laughter and fun whenever we were together


But most of all, I remember you;

Sharon Wood

The tiny, athletic, sweet little lady, with the sparkling eyes, shiny long blond hair

The bubbly spirit, with a zest for life and the great outdoors, always laughing and smiling

Giving to others your optimism – despite your agony


We laughed, we cried, we shared

Many, many secrets, and we parted

You were the only person that I shared my poetry with for years

You always believed in me

The years between high school and our reunion two years ago;

I missed you

I wanted to call you

So many times


We spent one last day together, Sunday August 20th 1989 at our 10 year class reunion

Oh – it was so good to see you !

I had no way of knowing, that I would see you again only in eternity

I still have the little stuffed Dumbo elephant you gave me in Junior High School

Thank you for the beautiful memories – my dear sweet friend!

I will miss you more now than I ever did before

I love you




(Taken from the Book “A Little Bit of Me” by Robin R. Robbins – published 1991, released privately)










Robin Renee’ Robbins: Take Me As I Am



Look inside….

You shall see a woman with a heart as large as the sea

One with extreme confidence, understanding and love

Giving to every living thing created….

Praying only for divine goodness to come to all

No matter the pain they have caused.

A woman who knows exactly what she wants;

Allowing nothing to stand in her way

As she achieves her goals with a strength

Unknown to many.

She has been blessed with such energy and vitality

With a soft sense of self-control

Worrying not what others may think of her

For she knows her own heart is true.

Despite all obstacles approached

She sacrifices not her morals nor her honesty

Her voice rings loud and clear – for she fears not….

To speak as she chooses.

Though quite guarded at times

There are few who escape her love

And very few who really know her.

Her one strong desire is to laugh

And help others laugh from within

There is nothing greater than a strong spirit

With a will that cannot be broken

And a heart of gold

That falls in love

With life.



I Give You My Love by Robin R. Robbins

 I give you my love

So that you may overcome

I give you my love

So that you may never be lonely

I give you my love

So that you may always have a friend

I give you my love

So that you may walk in peace

I give you my love





With true compassion




I give you my love


So that every day of your life

No matter where you go

What you see

Or who you are with

You will know without a doubt

That I truly

Love you

I give you all I have

In all warmth

I give you all my love

Robin R. Robbins


God Bless You by Robin R. Robbins

To the father

Who must watch his son

Suffer in pain

As this life ends and the new is begun


To the mother

Who must hold her baby

As the cries tear her heart out

She must be the strong lady


To each one on this earth

Who must stay behind

And hold the hand of their child

With a strength so strong, somehow they find


To the wife of the husband

A love strong and true

She must now say “good-bye”

Twas not another woman, but God who took him from you


To the husband of the wife

Who brought his children into this world

As she now slips away

He holds tight to his baby girl


To each brother and sister

Who lost one another

In a life of sin or drugs

Somehow they slipped away from each other


For every parent God appoints

As each one of you must cry

For the loss of God’s Loan

As our little children die


Be they young or old

Doesn’t matter in that way

They will always be our babies

Until our dying day


We raise them in the best we know

We hold tight to them in our heart

Though we know what God has said

As they leave it tears our world apart


No matter how we reason

No matter the strength God gives

Tis still so very hard you see

To give them back to God and live


We do not understand why they left us

We do not why we’re the one left here

We know only that we surely miss them

As they slip away through our tears


To all who know these feelings

To each who sees one fall

God Bless you and keep you in His care

God Bless you one and all


Robin R. Robbins