In Loving Memory – A Tribute To My Mother

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My mother was one of the finest ladies to walk this earth.  Not only was she one of the kindest spirits, known to many – but she was my absolute best friend for nearly 45 years.  She taught me how to laugh, how to love, how to be generous, honest and kind but mostly how to share every part of my life with others.  That is who SHE was… she loved everyone immediately upon meeting them without reserve, and she had no problem showing them just how special they were.  If you knew her – you knew that you could ALWAYS call her, any time day or night, and count on her for positive re-enforcement, a kind word and definitely a laugh or a giggle. Her family was her highest priority at all times.  She was a devoted wife and mother, and she totally adored her grandchildren from the day they were born – she thought they were hers and couldn’t keep her hands off of them.


Mom loved to serve others.  It was her passion, whether you were family, friend, or casual acquaintance.  If you came to her home, she immediately began to serve you – offering you food, shelter, laughter, and love.  She was bubbly and happy-go-lucky nearly all the time.  You didn’t see her depressed, or down – you always saw her smile.  She’d give you anything she had if she thought it would enhance your life somehow.  She’d spend hours laboring over her orchard and gardens just to make special juices, and jams, or other things that she loved to give to and share with others.  She planted all her trees herself and believe me – when she started out they were little sticks – not trees.  We had so much fun teasing her about her rows and rows of sticks that were supposedly someday going to produce food.  She just ignored us, and kept on babying those sticks, and sure enough – years later – there was a beautiful orchard full of delicious, organic fruit and nuts.  She was so proud of it – and of course the rest of us were pretty quiet from that point on about her ‘sticks’.


Though her roots are from Wyoming and the farming community, mom was ALWAYS a lady.  She rarely used profanity, nor did she speak ill of others.  Even while working her farm and orchard for the last 17 years, and after she got sick – she remained a lady.  Her will to live was uncanny – she never gave up.


Mom loved music and loved to dance.  While my dad was alive they experienced so much life together.  Mom learned to water ski, ride motorcycles, camp, and travel.  They took trips to Florida, Las Vegas, Nebraska, California, and numerous other places – where mom would always be laughing and spreading her joyous nature with everyone.


We picked the song, “You Raise Me Up”, to give you a glimpse of who my mother really was… she NEVER failed to ‘raise others up’.  Both my parents taught me how to climb mountains, and then how to stand a top them and take in the beauty of the world.  But my mom was the rock beneath us all.  It was her undying love for her family that held us together, and taught us truly how to climb any mountain or overcome any obstacle or trial in our life.  She never stopped believing, loving, laughing, or trying.  She’d walk beside you all the way, never complaining, and then she’d rejoice with you at the top.


I spoke with my mother often through the years about Heaven, and what it would be like.  On her last day of life I sat with her and asked her if she remembered accepting Jesus into her heart when she was young.  Mom affirmed that she had done that years ago, and she told me that she was not afraid to die, she knew where she would be going.  Approximately 7 hours later, she took her last breath.  Though my heart is broken for the loss of my best friend and mother, and I can’t imagine what my life is going to like without her wonderful presence.  I am ever so thankful and honored to have known this rare and special lady.  It was a definite honor and privilege to have been able to serve her in her last years of life, though the circumstances were heartbreaking.  Yet today, there is no doubt in my heart, that she is dancing with my dad in Heaven.  She has a new glorious body, free of disease and suffering, and I know she’s spreading her joyous laughter throughout the Heavens and having the absolute best time of her life.


Robin R. Robbins


Memorial Tribute


You Raise Me Up – Selah

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