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If you are looking for immediate work you can use these firms listings to help get you ‘out there’ quickly.  Understand that if these firms send you out to work that they will be making money from your ‘time in’ with the employer who hires you.RRR Consulting & Publishing Logo 2012 - 300dpi

A general rule of thumb is that if you are making $25 per hour on the job that the agency sends you out on, the agency who sent you out is also making an additional amount per hour (or paying a flat fee) on each hour that you work for the employer.

Read your Contract(s) carefully before signing them!  I suggest that you do NOT remain exclusive to any one firm, but make it clear that you will be seeking employment elsewhere while fulfilling your contractual agreement with the hiring firm.  MAKE CERTAIN that it is in WRITING that you may find employment on your own.

Most firms already adhere to this rule, but things do change regularly, and therefore it is wise to keep your eye on anything that you sign.

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OPTI Staffing

Professional Temporary Staffing


Labor Works

Smart Talent

Spherion Staffing

Link Staffing



Any way you stack it, Adecco is the world’s largest employment agency, serving some 150,000 clients from more than 6,600 offices worldwide. The company provides temporary staffing, permanent employee placement, project assistance, outsourcing services, and other human resources-related services. Adecco’s services are managed through its six professional business lines: Adecco Finance & Legal, Adecco Engineering & Technical, Adecco Information Technology, Adecco Medical & Scientific, Adecco Sales, Marketing & Events, and Adecco Human Capital Solutions. Adding to its global staffing operations, Adecco bought German staffing firm DIS Deutscher Industrie Service in early 2006.

Kelly Services Inc.
These days a lot of “Kelly Girls” are men. Once a business that supplied only female clerical help, Kelly Services has expanded to include light industrial, technical, and professional employees of both genders, including information technology specialists, engineers, and accountants. It also places lawyers (Kelly Law Registry), scientists (Kelly Scientific Resources), substitute teachers (Kelly Educational Staffing), nurses and other medical staff (Kelly Healthcare Resources), and teleservices personnel (KellyConnect). Kelly Services provides some 750,000 employees through some 2,500 offices in 30 countries. Chairman Terence Adderley controls more than 90% of the company.

Manpower Inc.
Millions of workers have helped power this firm to the upper echelon of the staffing industry. Manpower is the world’s second-largest provider of temporary employees (behind Adecco), placing about 2 million people in office, industrial, and professional positions. It has some 4,400 owned or franchised offices in more than 70 countries (mainly France, the UK, and the US). The company also provides employee testing, training, and other contract services. Its Global Learning Centers give employees access to training materials over the Internet. Subsidiary Right Management offers career transition and organizational consulting services.

INTERVIEWING TIP: DO NOT, state anything in the ‘negative’ in an interview etc.  Such as “no I’ve never done that”… instead choose words like, “well though I currently do not have experience in that area, I am confident that it would not take me long to learn it and be able to accomplish that for you”…. you can simply state, something like, “there was a lot of change going on and it was time for me to move on to better and more challenging things” and SMILE! Regarding any reason for leaving…

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Resume Advice 2012

Having worked with many of the Top Companies in the Seattle area, off and on for approximately 25 years now.  I can tell you what it takes to get you in the door, and what the Employers are looking for, as many of them have hired me to do their internal recruiting.  I have also written literally thousands of Job Descriptions and researched hundreds of position Salaries.

Some things that many Hiring Professionals may not tell you are:

We get 150 – 300 resumes per position advertised with up to 600 applicants at times. When hiring – many Hiring Professionals will take a 5 second (YES –that is 5 SECONDS) scan of your resume.  If we do not see within that first scan the skills that show us “can you do the job I am hiring for” – your resume is thrown into the ‘no’ pile and generally not looked at again.  Once we see if you can do the job the second glance is to “stability” – how long on any given job – are you stable or do you move around a lot from job to job.  After reviewing those two things, if we are satisfied with what we see we will ‘dig’ further into necessary qualifications such as Schooling and/or Certifications.

Without a quality resume that shows an Employer right up front – that you can do the job you are applying for – you will not be called in for an interview. Hiring is very time consuming, and the more of a Hiring Professional’s time it takes in having to ask questions, or dig (aka; read all day) to find the necessary information – the less likely we are to do it.  We will simply move on to the next candidate.

Another big mistake I see on many resumes is that many people ASSUME that you know what they did because of their Job Title.  Unless you are being reviewed by a 10+ year hiring professional and they have dealt with thousands of Job Descriptions, most of those checking your resume have no clue what you did based on your Job Title alone.  It is imperative in this highly competitive job market that you detail your skills and leave nothing to question on your resume and cover letter. Some companies are still using strict ‘old-school’ or OCR databases to do all the screening for them, so if you do not have your skills spelled out in detail – you more than likely will not be picked for an actual person to review your resume.

Forget the ‘fluff n stuff’… a large majority of individuals lean heavily on the fact that they have many accomplishments, and or hold several Degrees. Oftentimes Hiring Professionals are leery of such information as it appears that individuals may be trying to “dazzle them with BS” so to speak.  Therefore, things such as; Volunteer activities, Hobbies, Major Accomplishments, etc. should not be on a resume.  Any information of this nature pertinent to the job you are applying for (such as being stated in the job qualifications in the job add or job description) should be stated in the Cover Letter, otherwise it is irrelevant, may hinder you more than help you, and should be left out completely.

A mistake I see quite a bit in Job Hunting is that many are using sites like and as their sole sources of job hunting.  Not good.  Here is why: It can cost an Employer between $300 – $700 PER ADD (30 days), PER POSITION to advertise their positions.  On sites such as and it is MUCH CHEAPER to advertise for open positions – especially if you have several to fill.

Also, many individuals think that by simply putting their resume online – the jobs will come to them.  Not true. All employers EXPECT you to come to them for any valid position online.  Therefore, they post the jobs and wait for the resumes to come to them. The great thing about monster and careerbuilder is that you can create job searches specific to your skill set – those work quite well as long as you create SEVERAL of them and not just one specific to any ONE Job Title.  You are also able to apply directly for positions listed on those sites once you have uploaded your resume, that too is a good thing.  I suggest that you use all avenues/websites available and apply frequently for the positions that fit your skill set.  However do not think that by posting your resume (which I recommend you post it as ‘private’ and not ‘public’) that the employers are going to come to you.

Another aspect is that often times many positions are miss-posted on ALL the job sites. It is difficult sometimes for an employer to find a good match in a job category in order to post an advertised position, and therefore you might find a mechanic job under non-profit because it is being posted by a Non-Profit Company.  You must look in several different categories and/or create various searches in order to find a valid position – not simply the one specific to your desired Job Title.

The bigger mistake overall however, one that I see on a daily basis, is generally in how the resume and cover letter are set up.   Many years ago I created two resume formats that have worked for every individual who ever used them.  Both are easy to read and the information necessary in finding a given job is presented properly.

Today, there are so many resume programs out there and faulty formats that leave so many people wondering what it is they are doing wrong in finding a job. I know, because every time I hire for someone I see literally thousands of poorly written resumes that do not describe even a portion of what a person is qualified to do.  Not to mention some of the firms out there charging people for those same faulty resumes.  I am hoping that by sharing this information I can help empower people and direct them to the job they are looking for.

Some general Resume rules to follow:

1.      Detail your skills

2.      Put Education at the bottom of the resume – not at the top

3.      An objective is not necessary and seldom read on a resume – instead incorporate
your summary or objective in your Cover Letter – don’t put it on your resume

4.      Go back no more than 10 years (usually 6 years is plenty)

5.      Keep Resume to 1 page for General Labor, General Office etc.  Two to three pages for Professional/Executive Positions

6.      Do not put references on your resume – have them prepared on a separate page and ready to present only when asked for them

If you would like more information, or need help in creating a quality resume and cover letter, do not hesitate to contact us at

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