Patrick ‘PT’ Town  (Client)

Founder/Executive Director at Union Ride & Charity Rally – Director at Seattle Seahawks Bike Build for Charity

“I take great pride in writing this professional testimonial for Robin. Our non-profit, UnionRide.org was struggling with our social presence and message. Robin joined our team as our Social Media Director and took over the reins from day one. It was clear from the onset that this is just one of her many incredible skill-sets. We went from virtually unknown with 1200 Likes to almost 6000 in less than a year on Facebook, while increasing engagement to a new level. With her help on our Seattle Seahawks Bike Build for Charity as well as our 2nd annual fundraiser, she helped us reach almost 400,000 on Facebook the week before the event/raffle. Can you say BOOM?!

If your organization seeks to go to the next level in the Social Media arena, a call to Robin should be on top of your priority list. She will always make you more than she costs and possesses the most vibrant and motivating personality you will ever come across. Hire her and I guarantee you will have successful results!”

Herman Brewer IV (Client)

The Law Office of Herman C. Brewer IV, LLC

Robin is a highly proficient business consultant. She has the knowledge and skills to get your business off the ground and running. She is detailed oriented in her presentations and workshops. She also understands the different social media networks and how to apply them to unique businesses.

Corrie Pollard  (Client)

Chiropractor/Owner at Pollard Chiropractic

Robin R. Robbins is a highly trained professional that will help promote your business and in turn lead you to success. She is a social media expert and I would highly recommend her services to help boost your business.

Chris Ihler  (Client)

I am a experienced professional with valuable skills. Unfortunately I had a Resume that made me look like an entry level employee. Robin transformed my resume so employers will now see how valuable my skills really are! 

I recommend her to everyone!

Juan Jose Chavez  (Client)

Robin R. continues to provide reliable and timely assistance when updating my personal information and resume when it comes to applying for first rate Informational Technology companies in the Seattle/Tacoma area. My family and I have known Robin R. for many years, and she is always dependable with outstanding knowledge of what companies are looking for; be it their latest training requirements, job skills or the right resume verbiage. Robin R. is trustworthy and goes above and beyond to implement the support and savvy it takes to obtain top of the line job opportunities with first rate companies. I will always be indebted to her consistent and unyielding positive outlook on helping me reach my future and present work related goals. Her enthusiasm and faith in me as a person to obtain those goals is uplifting and very much appreciated. I am honored to write a recommendation in her honor.

 Sue Pancara Wehmeyer (Client)

Hello Robbin, I want to THANK YOU (BIG-hugs) – I was offered a position with the Coast Guard and I accepted!  You are a master at revising and updating/editing resumes!  With that awesome Federal resume you prepared for me, it was a slam-dunk!  I also felt proud of who I am, what I’ve accomplished and you putting it ALL into words on paper for me was a WIN-WIN!  I can post THE highest recommendations to you to and to the WORLD…once I give notice to my current employer 🙂

Christine Rene Baker (Facebook Friend)

I love you and thank you RRR for all that you are and all that you do. 🙂

Many blessings back to you, our special world’s cheerleading “Angel.”You never cease to run out of these wonderful serene pictures and wise words of wisdom that you write yourself that come from your precious heart. Also, you pick out and use special quotes and pictures from various writers from far wide and old and new. 

You are truly amazingly gifted and blessed.  What an honor and godsend you are to the whole wide world’s web sites.  Today’s world that we live in is very hard and depressing. There is so much evil and evil doers.  That is why your work is so very important and refreshing to many of us that need to know there is still good in the world.  “You share with us” ~HOPE~LOVE~PEACE~GOOD WILL~ and a lot more.

We all need to be reminded and encouraged daily of our Heavenly Father and that he cares about each and everyone of us and that he loves us. 

You are so special and you are my,”SHERO” ~Thank You~ ~”Godspeed””RRR”~

Michael Emswiler (client)

Michael hired Robin R. Robbins as a Personal Trainer in 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“Training I received was spot on–exactly what I was hoping for. Enjoyed Robin’s personal approach to her training–dovetailing her recommendations and ideas to my present-day needs. Little theory … Instead, she has a deep WORKING knowledge of proven methods for growing awareness and driving traffic to your business via social media marketing. Indeed, it was a pleasure to learn from her. Look forward to doing further training with her in the future.” December 10, 2012

Natalie Barnes – President, The Owners Alliance (colleague)

Worked directly with Robin R. Robbins

“I took a class on Social Media from Robin. She is passionate about how social media can help your business and how it pertains to YOUR business! It was not a lecture, far from boring, and extremely applicable to my business. Thank you, Robin for your expertise! Because of your strengths and how you teach, I can see how you can work with brokers around the country and help to benefit their businesses.” November 7, 2012

Bev Robbins (client)

Hired Robin R. Robbins as a Business Consultant in 2004 and hired more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

“I have hired RRR several times to create LOGO’s and documents for me. She has always gone way above the call of duty and in a timely manner. A very creative business Lady. Give her a call.” October 3, 2012

Harry Smith – Owner, Handyman Connection of South King County WA (business partner)

Was with another company when working with Robin R. Robbins

“I have worked with Robin in several areas over the last several months. I took her Social Media Class at GRCC and was very impressed with her knowledge of social media and how she focused the class on the students in the class. I have also worked with Robin in Quality Referrals group. She has been a great business partner in that group. I addition, I also hired Robin to help me to update my resume and recommend her as a consultant.” October 3, 2012

Trena Walker (client)

Hired Robin R. Robbins as a IT Consultant in 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

“I strongly recommend Robin as a Social Media Trainer. I recently took her class on Social Media. She is highly knowledgeable in the field of Social Media. What I mean by that Robin will show you to create, setup, link different Media sites to each other. She also explains how each function works within the sites. Robin helps you setup a secure site and walks you through it step by step. Robin will also work with you one on one.” August 1, 2012

Joni Atkinson –Owner of Simply Stated Photography, PCPPA (Pierce County Professional Photographers Assn.) (business partner)

Was with another company when working with Robin R. Robbins

“I have had the pleasure of attending two of Robin’s presentations, initially at my masterminding group and last night at my professional group of photographers. This lady is ultimate go giver. Her presentation was not only motivating, but inspirational. I would recommend Robin for anyone or any organization! She exceeded my expectations.” June 28, 2012

Skyway Towing & Recovery | Skyway Custom Transport – Transportation Specialist (colleague)

Worked directly with Robin R. Robbins

“I am taking the Social media marketing class taught by Robin R Robins of RRR Consulting & Publishing. She makes the class easy to follow and understand for the mixed levels of computer users in our class. I highly recommend this class to market your business whether its a business like mine that has been around for 52 years or a start-up business. Robin R Robins of RRR Consulting & Publishing helps others succeed, and its her passion! RRR consulting specializes in your business with customized documents of all types. To include Business Consulting & Coaching | Personal Development | Goal Setting | Leadership | Inspirational Speaking | Social Media Marketing & Management | Job Coaching & Career Development | Mentoring | Positive Re-Enforcement & Team Building | Business Process Optimization | Conflict Resolution. Quality of service is the foundation of her practice, where she meets or exceeds her goals & promises; otherwise she doesn’t make them! Robin of RRR Consulting & Publishing truly moves you forward to live your best life!” June 2, 2012

MaryAnn Maho Quinn (client)

Hired Robin R. Robbins as a IT Consultant in 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

“Ms. Robbins is patient, detailed and impressive in her knowledge of the world of social networking. She taught me to search out the help sections of the different platforms, helped me make my Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts work together so that I could leverage my time online more efficiently. It is obvious that she loves what she does.” May 31, 2012

Morris Malakoff (client)

Hired Robin R. Robbins as a Career Coach in 2012

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

“I was a student in a small Social Media Marketing class that Robin taught in January and February of 2012 at Green River Community College. She had stepped in at the last moment for the scheduled instructor and did a solid job of guiding the class through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Given the class if six students ranged from those with no social media experience to some very old hands, she did an excellent job in navigating the course and guiding everyone, regardless of prior experience, to being able to develop further in their understanding and use of the ever evolving world of social media in beginning a business. There is no way any instructor could cover social media in depth in four three-hour sessions. Robin did a great job of giving everyone guidance and the essentials tools to get a foothold. She also graciously has made herself available in the future to answer the inevitable questions that people will have, establishing herself as a dependable on-going resource in the community.” February 8, 2012

Johanna Huber –Sales & Marketing, CMS Floral Design (business partner)

Was with another company when working with Robin R. Robbins

“Robin has the passion, energy and professional presence that begins from the moment you meet her. Her expertise is obvious. Her willingness to prepare, share and care made me feel empowered. I am looking forward to additional endeavors which she is a part of. Thank you” February 9, 2012

J. Scott Davidson (client)

Hired Robin R. Robbins as a Trainer/Teacher in 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

“Robin taught me social media marketing and quickly took me from nowhere to somewhere. She always was generous with her expertise and prompt to respond to my questions. I could tell that she loves to help people and commits to give great service. I would recommend her to anyone looking for immediate help to get going!” February 3, 2012

Roberta Chargin (client)

Hired Robin R. Robbins as a Business Consultant in 2011 and hired more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Robin is a caring professional that goes far beyond standard customer care. Her knowledge in her field is amazing and she is willing to share. Her services are priced reasonably and competitively. She is ethical and honest. Robin is creative with her designs and ideas. She is personality plus and a joy to be around and to work with. Her concern for her clients does not just cover the time she is under contract, but she genuinely cares that you succeed and she is open to your concerns afterwards should you have any questions.” February 4, 2012

Sue Vest –Founder, Social Media Sue, LLC (colleague)

Worked directly with Robin R. Robbins

“I am excited to say that Robin R. Robbins is a wonderful and caring individual that is always present and willing to lend a hand. She is energetic and full of life and will manage your needs with the skills of a True Professional!” December 20, 2011

Sue Erb (client)

Hired Robin R. Robbins as a Career Coach in 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Robin was so easy to work with! I love her energy and how she just brings out the best in people. Weather it’s needing encouragement or creating a top notch resume, I would highly Robin hands down!” December 12, 2011

Janet Large (client)

Hired Robin R. Robbins as a Career Coach in 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Dynamic. Energetic. Charismatic. Influential. Just a few words in an attempt to share with you the powerfulness of the information you will receive from Robin’s presentations. Whether you are a sole proprietor, a small business or a large corporation, Robin can help you and your employees achieve new levels of inspiration and motivation that are sure to increase your revenue margins. Her expertise fans out over many areas in her niche. When you book for your next speaker, it would be wise choice to put Robin on your calendar.” November 24, 2011

Dave Hobley (client)

Hired Robin R. Robbins as a Business Consultant in 2010 and hired more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“I had been following Robin for several years as one of the IT Consulting and Management Guru’s prior to moving to the Pacific Northwest. Since I moved up here I had the honor of meeting her when she joined one of my groups. We have been communicating for some time and have recently started to do some business together. She is an absolutely incredible person when it comes to Consulting, Publishing, Coaching and helping you to re-ignite that passion that can change your professional life! I can say that she has personally helped me more than words can say in mentoring me and transitioning my resume into a very powerful resume which is half the length and probably packs 75 times the punch my old one did. She has also been instrumental in coaching me to make some very smart choices about where I go from here professionally! Robin is simply awesome at everything she does, is an industry leader in Personal Development Coaching, Mentoring, Business Management, Business Coaching, Motivational Speaking, Job Coaching, Career Development, Human Resources and more and is very much in touch with small to huge business entities in the Seattle Tacoma area and around the US and I am sure you will love her both for her services, and her personality! I look forward to doing more business with Robin in the future! Robin, here is to you! You ROCK! Thank you for all that you do to Inspire, Ignite and Accelerate people in their professional careers! I highly recommend that you consult with her on your resume’s at a bare minimum and also consider doing some career coaching and about anything else with her. She can assist you in obtaining that professional reward which you deserve.” November 20, 2011

Dyann Lyon – Independent Associate #2106463, USANA Health Sciences – Premier Platinum PaceSetter (business partner)

Was a consultant or contractor to Robin R. Robbins

“Over the past year I have had the pleasure of getting to know Robin Robbins quite well. I have seen Robin in many different situations and have seen how consistent she is in her strong desire to help others without regard to her own gain. Robin willingly gives her time, expertise and attention to others with a pure intention of helping them succeed. I love her giving heart! Thank you Robin for all you do in the greater Seattle community! ~ With Gratitude, Dyann” November 20, 2011

Renee Obrycki  (client)

Hired Robin R. Robbins as a Business Consultant in 1998 and hired more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

“I had the privilege of working with Robin for over 4 years at The Lighthouse for the Blind on several projects. She worked as a contract consultant and supported our departmental re-organizational efforts. I found Robin to be resourceful, hard working, knowledgeable, and professional at all times. She is detail oriented, organized, and self directed. Robin’s ability to work with a sense of urgency and delivery of required documentation made it possible to establish a solid foundation to successfully change the culture of a traditional manufacturing plant to a customer driven workforce. Robin performed compensation benefit surveys and analysis. She helped develop and create job descriptions for a new customer service department including recommending job tiers for career paths and compensation/pay structures to ensure competitiveness in market place. In addition, she supported the customer service team by creating several custom order forms to support the rapid growth in business products division. I highly recommend Robin and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again. She would be an asset to any organization.” January 26, 2011

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