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Since 1997, Robin has been providing services to Businesses & Individuals in;  Business Development, Social Media Marketing & Management, Personal Development, Goal Setting, Inspirational Speaking, Leadership Training, Job Coaching, & Career Development.

Business Development


Leadership Training

“Robin is a highly proficient business consultant. She has the knowledge and skills to get your business off the ground and running. She is detailed oriented in her presentations and workshops. She also understands the different social media networks and how to apply them to unique businesses.”
Herman Brewer IV 
The Law Office of 
Herman C. Brewer IV, LLC

Taking Businesses To A New Level!

I  help analyze, redesign and establish proven methods to ensure Business processes & further their Success.  It is a pleasure for me to help any Business thrive instead of survive!

Consult for Small, Mid-Size, and Large Corporations.

Public Sector | Non-Profit | Manufacturing | Technology | Legal | Finance Retail 

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Job Coaching 

Career Development


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“Robin Robbins is an amazing Career Coach and Resume Writer. Amazing truly does not describe adequately the talent which Robin has to show you, and your prospective employers the qualities and skills which you have spent the last many years cultivating and expressing those using her copyrighted technique to win you that dream job (I would know, it worked for me)! You cannot go wrong, consulting with Robin, many happy friends who I have referred have thanked me time and time again. ” 
★ Dave Hobley ★
Founder & CEO, Our World Enterprises, Ask A Doctor Live & Get “Like”d Community

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Specializing in Quality Resumes, Cover Letters, Job Coaching, & Career Development!

I work with diverse situations including former ‘Stay-At-Home’ Moms, newly graduated High School or College Students and/or those with exceptional talent having worked for a company for many years who have been suddenly thrust back out into the workplace to find a new job. I love to show individuals their actual worth through the skills that they possess and how to use proven strategies to secure employment.

For many years I have assisted the USA’s Top companies with their hiring process and also created hundreds of Job Descriptions.  Often I get thousands of resumes that tell me absolutely nothing or very little about what an applicant can do for the company.  With so many resume templates and formats out there – just about anyone can create a resume.  However, very few can create a resume that actually get’s you ‘in the door’ for an interview.

Having hired for many companies I have a strong Edge in knowing exactly what today’s companies are looking for. It is a highly competitive job market – I love to empower people and create high quality resumes and cover letters, while showing individuals exactly what it takes to actually find, apply to, and secure a job today.

If you have been struggling or know someone who is struggling in finding a job – please call me at: 206-778-5509, I’d love to help!

  • Over 25 years experience assisting individuals in advancing in their Careers.
  • Over 20 years in Human Resources, assisting in Numerous Corporations throughout the USA in hiring for their staffing needs.

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Social Media Marketing 



“I take great pride in writing this professional testimonial for Robin. Our non-profit, was struggling with our social presence and message. Robin joined our team as our Social Media Director and took over the reins from day one. It was clear from the onset that this is just one of her many incredible skill-sets. We went from virtually unknown with 1200 Likes to almost 6000 in less than a year on Facebook, while increasing engagement to a new level. With her help on our Seattle Seahawks Bike Build for Charity as well as our 2nd annual fundraiser, she helped us reach almost 400,000 on Facebook the week before the event/raffle. Can you say BOOM?!

If your organization seeks to go to the next level in the Social Media arena, a call to Robin should be on top of your priority list. She will always make you more than she costs and possesses the most vibrant and motivating personality you will ever come across. Hire her and I guarantee you will have successful results!”

Patrick ‘PT’ Town
Founder/Executive Director at Union Ride & Charity Rally Director at Seattle Seahawks Bike Build for Charity

 Your ‘Social Media Specialist’ 


For several years I have been successfully teaching Clients, Students & Small Business Owners how to Design and daily maintain Social Media Platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, WordPress, Instagram and More.  My many years developing Businesses, and 25 years in Information Systems helps me direct any given company in using the correct Social Media Platform(s) for their given Business.

** Adjunct Professor – Green River Community College Small Business Development Center.
I develop and deliver regular continuous teaching/training courses, webinars, and presentations at numerous locations throughout the Puget Sound, on the appropriate use of Social Media, incorporating safety and security, and coaching on correct avenues to secure privacy across all platforms.

Many companies have hired me to do their daily posting and manage their pages with great success.  It is a pleasure for me to empower others in the appropriate and effective methods to market using Social Media.




Public Speaking



“I have had the pleasure of attending two of Robin’s presentations, initially at my masterminding group and last night at my professional group of photographers. This lady is ultimate go giver. Her presentation was not only motivating, but inspirational. I would recommend Robin for anyone or any organization! She exceeded my expectations.”

Joni Atkinson
Owner Simply Stated Photography

Speaking Before Audiences Inspiring & Teaching:


Social Media Marketing

Job Coaching & Career Development

Empowering Women Leaders

Faith/Bible Based Christian Beliefs

Positive Thinking | Team Building

Goal Setting | Personal Development

Providing tools and/or training materials as requested or needed.


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“Choose to find your opportunities…”

~ Robin R. Robbins

RRR Consulting & Publishing, Robin R. Robbins – The Worlds Cheer Leader


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