In Loving Memory of Darryl Alden Myhre

Darryl Myhre

My Tribute to Darryl Alden Myhre

Rarely do you meet someone who embodies the character of true honesty, kindness, and love. Someone who stands tall, is strong, and yet is the most humble, sweet, enduring spirit you have ever known. Darryl Myhre was definitely all of that and more.

I was honored to meet him during one of the most difficult times in my life. He was a bright shining light of joy and kindness.

I saw him go through many challenges, and each time his faithful, cheerful spirit would embody the grace of pure love.

To this day, he is the most honest, kind, loving, humble and genuine person I have had the pleasure of knowing.

Darryl taught me so much about life and about people. At a time when I truly doubted in the goodness of others, Darryl showed me through his genuine kindness and his character that there really are great people. He taught me so much about true kindness, unconditional love, and restored my faith in humanity and in life itself. He was a true friend, at all times – believing in others and honoring them. If others challenged him, he would laugh and say something witty. Though he had the strength and ability to harm others if he chose to do so, he would choose instead to walk away. In the 27 years I knew him I saw him deliberately harm no one.

I am so very grateful to have had his presence in my life and am grateful to his wonderful wife Julie for her kindness in welcoming me into their lives.


Darryl was truly the most genuine person I have ever known. He was very protective of those whom he cared about and to me he was like a big brother, whom I knew would always be in my corner. He was an avid Husky Football Fan, LOVED music, his family and friends, and could sing very well. He truly loved life and wanted everyone to have FUN in whatever endeavor they chose. He was non-judging and tried to stay open-minded to all views and perspectives, though would not compromise his own, for himself.

4C797A6C02d5e2F0DCTRR10DBFF7_0_4C797A6C02dc220CBBQuv16D2E4E_034500Darryl was reliable and friendly and welcomed others whether he knew them or not. He loved the water and water sports and was an exceptional water skier. In his younger days he went dirt biking, jeeping, jet skiing, and cliff diving. He traveled to many places and it seemed that he was always happiest among people. He once told me that he just wished that he could be ‘normal, like everyone else. Darryl my dear friend, was more normal than he could ever imagine, in fact in my opinion – he was far above average!

Thank you Darryl, my dear friend, for instilling hope and love into my life. For by your example I learned much. My heart aches and I will miss you yet I also rejoice, for I know that you are free now, and one day I shall see you again. Thank you for the blessing of being my friend.

Robin R. Robbins
January 13, 2014

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