A Smile For You

Here I go again I say

Writing another poem today

But this poem is different and true

Cause this is gonna be for you

You look so sad today and I’m not sure why

But I sure hope you do not cry

You know you really should be glad

Things are not really all that bad

You could have been born with just one arm

Or born a pig up on a farm

So don’t just sit there looking glum

People are gonna think you are dumb

Now I know this didn’t start out right

But lets be friends and try not to fight

You have got lots to be thankful for

So quit trying to close the door

That is all I am going to say to you

So come on get happy

Don’t be blue!





Note: Found in the “lost writings”.  Written to Sharon Wood in order to try

to cheer her up on a bad day.  There was a very large

“smiley-face” across the page.