The Rollercoaster Of Life

Up one hill

Down another

Face flat in the dirt

Stand up and run again


Up another hill

Halfway down the other

Bump into someone else

Pick them up

Go around

On the run again


Halfway up a bigger hill

Stop and smell the roses

Fall asleep

Wake up drained

Crawl to your feet

And run again


Round a corner

Hit a wall

Cry for hours

Dry the tears

Share your love

On the run again


Downward fast another hill

See someone hurt at the bottom

Rush to help them

Help them smile

Start and run again


Up another hill

Round another corner

Always on the run

Until He takes our breath away

To take us to that peaceful place

Where we long to be


No more hills

                No more tears

No more pain

Peace at last

Resting in his arms






Thank Him Too

It wasn’t always easy to go the extra mile

To hold your hand or hug you

Or wear for you a smile


Through nights of tears, to stay awake, sometimes seemed so hard

To sort through troubles inch by inch

Seemed more like yards and yards


But Jesus said, “Hang in there Robin, I need you to obey,

Give this one my love

For she needs you much today.


I will be there too, and together we will teach

Then I have others for you to love

And many goals for you to reach.”


“Ok Lord”, I said through tears my own, “but I am lonely too”

“Do for these”, he replied with a hug

“Then I shall do for you.”


So I stood up tall and took his hand, I said, “ok Lord – let’s go”

We marched together day by day

Little did you know


As I had all the answers to your problems and they faded away fast

It was really He who guided me

And threw your troubles past


For I know not what the future holds in store for me you see

My problems seem so great sometimes

I think, “where can He be?”


But I know because I love you in my heart and always will

That He will always guide me inch by inch

Or hill by hill


He told me not to judge you, or so I would be judged

So instead I truly loved you

As up your hills we trudged


I tried not to give opinions that would lead you to dismay

But asked Him to answer through me

And help me lead the way


As you thank me for all the things that I have done for you

I would like to ask only one thing

Please thank Jesus too.



Blessed Am I

No, I’ve never had to go hungry

Or sleep out in the cold

I’ve no relatives dying, at present, of AIDS

Or because they are old

I’ve never gone without clothing

A blanket or a bed

And I’ve never been without friendship

Or a shoulder for my head


A marriage of great turmoil

Broken bones and heartfelt pain

Seemed hard enough to bear

When I faced my hardest rain

I felt I’d been deceived

So to God I heavily wept

Over all my trials and suffering

And my monetary debts


If only I had seen how truly

Blessed I have been

For there are so many greater sufferings

That I must take to him

He’s opened up my eyes to see

The poor and hungry dying

It’s now for them I feel

And for them I do my crying


Some know him, some do not

But for all of them I pray

That somehow he will use me

To brighten up their days

There is AIDS there is HUNGER


There are ADDICTS there are PRISONS

And STREETS where the LONELY roam


So when you cannot pay your bills

And your lover lets you down

When you feel you can go no further

Just take a look around

Stop judging others long enough

To truly LOVE and CARE

For by the grace of God, it’s them

Instead of you that’s there


Then thank your Heavenly Father

Get on your knees and pray

That he will use you too

To help another find the way!




Take The Chance

Take the chance to feed one hungry person

Take the chance to hear one lonely cry

Take the chance to clothe one cold

Take the chance to tell one of Jesus – before they die


Take the chance to pray for one you do not know

Take the chance to smile at one who’s down

Take the chance to bring one into your home

Take the chance to be there for one – when there’s no one else around


Take the chance to stand up for one accused

Take the chance to give money to one in need

Take the chance to nurse one who is sick

Take the chance to be a friend for one – and help Jesus set them free


If we take the chance, just once – regardless of how uncomfortable it makes us, or how inconvenient it may be;  to help one of God’s children or his creatures, no matter how great or how small the deed;  the world would become a much brighter place.  For as you help one;  that one will help one;  who will help one, and as each life touches the other – love would beget love, hatred would be a thing of the past –  and heaven would be oh so full!!!



The Purpose

Life has but one thing to offer;


And time gives itself to life for one purpose;

To love


And life is worth living


And time has succeeded


And all has failed



A Smile For You

Here I go again I say

Writing another poem today

But this poem is different and true

Cause this is gonna be for you

You look so sad today and I’m not sure why

But I sure hope you do not cry

You know you really should be glad

Things are not really all that bad

You could have been born with just one arm

Or born a pig up on a farm

So don’t just sit there looking glum

People are gonna think you are dumb

Now I know this didn’t start out right

But lets be friends and try not to fight

You have got lots to be thankful for

So quit trying to close the door

That is all I am going to say to you

So come on get happy

Don’t be blue!





Note: Found in the “lost writings”.  Written to Sharon Wood in order to try

to cheer her up on a bad day.  There was a very large

“smiley-face” across the page.

The Rainbow

I cried to you in my heart today

And you showed me a rainbow and said,

“I Love You”.


I told you I was afraid to go further

And you showed me my true friends and said,

“I Love You”.


I said “Why am I here – who cares anyway”?

And you showed me a poem and said,

“I Love You”.


I cried “I am confused – please help me”

And you showed me my cat and said,

“I Love You”.


I said, “I am lonely and tired inside”

And you showed me a man disabled in a wheelchair and said,

“I Love You”.


I told you, “Though my heart is breaking, I will obey”

And you showed me the sunshine, the rain, the blue sky, the clouds, the people,

The animals, the water in the lake, and ….  The rainbow….  And you said,

“I Love You”.

And I thank you.



Where There Is A Will…

 To each of you

Who said, “you can’t”

To each who said, “you won’t”

To the one who said, “It cannot be done”

To all who said, “there’s no way”

I thank you


I can

            I have

And                 I WILL

There is not much greater than a sincere challenge for one who has a will and finds a way to use it; with extreme determination.